Inspire to share and teach others that metal is the only music that counts. Show them the louder, the better.

The Gulf Coast Metal Alliance is a family of metal bands (consisting of all metal genres) & supporters which are spread across the Gulf Coast. The main objective of the GCMA is to keep the metal scene alive through a thriving metal community. The GCMA is always open to welcoming more goal oriented like-minded members. Steering clear of all dick headedness & douche canoe attitudes.

Inspired by many different sub-genres from death metal, slam, hardcore & death-core. The band was formed in 2017. 
Aaron Hayes – Vocals
Trey Steele – Guitar
Brent Duhon – Bass
Jason Cavalaro – Drums
If given the chance, Devoured by Plagues would most be interested in working with Metal Blade, Nuclear Blast, Relapse or Unique Leader. 

Stella Holland- Vocals, James Hestand- Guitars, Clayton Cobb- Bass, Michael Kyle- Guitars, Michael Rhatigan- Drums and Justin Matthews- keys 
 Storm Within is among a growing group of bands dedicated to revitalizing  metal with the sounds of old school and new school metal with haunting female melodic vocals. They like to refer to it as modern power metal! The seasoned line up they have now have been playing together close to a year and a half, so you can expect superb songwriting with sing along choruses, powerful and catchy hooks for your ears taste buds that will leave you wanting more!

Scott Hancock- Vocals
David Murray – Guitar
Kent Brisbin – Drums
Christopher Abbott – Bass

Power Lordes, as a metaphor, is the culmination and assembly of the right electronic components to complete the worlds most tested and reliable source of power metal. 

Melodic metal band from Lafayette, LA with a heavy emphasis on emotional sound.
“Endure The Affliction that is the trials and tribulations of our lives” 

Tim Keith – Vocals 
Deion Lanthier – Guitar/Vocals
Brett Dronet – Guitar
Chase LeBlanc – Drums
Byron Vollmer – Bass/Vocals


Hailing from the California state capital, Wurm Flesh proudly unearths their punishing debut album ‘Excoriation Evisceration’, via Comatose

The idea of playing a show and no one really caring started out as a funny idea but kind of turned into a statement on people’s obsession with technology and its effects on how they react with reality.


Groove-metal band based out of Fort Walton Beach, FL. made up of 6 members:
Raheem Foreman – Drums
Jim May – Bass
Joe Gaston – Vocals
Doug Lane – Guitar
David Zaharski – Guitar
Holly Clark – Guitar
DCOM started about a year-and-a-half ago by Raheem, Joe, and former guitarist, Harley Johnson.
The band’s influences come from a wide range of bands including Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Pantera, 311 & Judas Priest. AreLegionGCMA/

As Am I…
Is a Metal Fusion band brought to you from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Anthony Cooper (Vocals)
Jim Doyle (Rhythm Guitar)
Mike Welsh (Lead Guitar)
Tom Sommer (drums)
Jay “JayMan” Michelin (Bass)

As Am I started Summer of 2017. The band was founded by Jim Doyle and Roy Vincent in Jims garage. After some jam sessions and riff writing they found they had good material and something different as well. 
To narrow down a few influences, they would give examples of Mastodon, Megadeth, Gwar, System Of A Down, etc.

Killhammer – Gulfport, Mississippi.
The band’s Blackened Death Riot Metal sound is forged by….
Kerry Thibodaux – Vocals
William Cuevas- Guitars
Zach Notter – Guitars
Michael Spurlock – Bass
Warren Thornburg – Drums

Killhammer was formed from the ashes of three prominent bands from the Mississippi Coast- Bloodchurn- Zach Notter (Bass), Feid- Kerry Thibodaux (Bass/Vocals) & Khisanth- Will Cuevas (Guitars) in the early months of 2012.

Killhammer are of the First Five Members of the Gulf Coast Metal Alliance & influenced by a range of Classic Metal from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, to Death, Morbid Angel, Acid Bath Mercyful Fate, Goatwhore, Testament, and multiple styles of Metal, Funk, Punk, and Thrash.

PerseuS from the Oklahoma City, OK area.
🎙Jeremy Knight -Vox
🎸Gabe Heatherly- Lead Guitar
🎸Chris Gomez – Rhythm Guitar
🥁Jordan Gorath – Drums
🎸Gage Wayland – Bass Guitar & Vox

” They are Perseus and they deliver. Perseus is an intense high-energy, guttural metal band that has nearly perfected the sage performance through a combination of one-of-a-kind bass playing, solid rhythm, and prodigious lead guitar, captivating drums, stellar vocals and magnetizing choreography – if there is such a thing in metal – that would make most boy bands cry in shame.”
Johnna Ray of the Shawnee News Star

Stephen Powell (guitar/vocals)
Scott Whitehurst (Drums)
Jonathan “Granpa”Ramer/(Bass)
Tristan Reynolds (guitar).
“A heavy-hitting, melt your face off death metal band from Panama City, FL. representing the Gulf Coast Metal Alliance.


October Noir – A Gothic Doom Metal band from Pensacola FL.
Tom Noir – Vocals, Bass
Doug Lane – guitars
Justin Thompson – Keyboards
Danny Stickz – drums
“Driven to shape by paganism and nature blended with rich overtones of pain and torture, adding even more diversity to the GCMA.”

Kings of the South from Mobile, AL.
Vocals – Chris Pugh
Guitar – Daniel Cooper
Guitar – Garrett Warman
Bass – Danny Nicholson
Drums – Cody Hegwood

“A Post Hardcore / Metalcore band who is rightfully named! After hearing them, you truly comprehend how they are Kings of the southern metal scene, who does the GCMA proud.”

 Live Life In Song

Live as though there is no tomorrow. Live as if each song/concert may be your last.
Live LOUD!


Be Inspired by Everything

Inspire to share and teach others that metal is the only music that counts. Show them the louder the better.

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